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Fishing can be one of the most relaxing pastimes, as well as one of the most exciting. Turning up at your favorite fishing spot with everything you need gives you a thrill like no other, and if your tackle box is full to the brim, unorganized, or looking a bit worse for wear, then it might be time to invest in a new one.

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to storing your tackle, from hard case boxes with internal trays to bags with removable storage trays. The versatility of removable tackle trays is becoming increasingly popular as you can pack your box or bag specifically for the type of fishing you want to do on a particular day. Hence, we looked at the rolling tackle box by Elkton Outdoors to see what this box has that others don’t and determine if it makes a worthy purchase.

Elkton Outdoors Tackle Box

Elkton Outdoors is an excellent name in the fishing, tactical, and hunting markets, and a team that shares your passion clearly designs their products.

Who Is This Product For?

Being a rolling tackle box means that this product is perfect for anyone who struggles to carry all of their favorite tackle and bait. The features it offers allow you to carry all of your fishing gear down to the water’s edge with ease. So while it is perfect for older fans of fishing that may struggle with the weight, it’s also great if you’re covering long distances on foot to get to that perfect spot, or if you just have a lot of heavy gear.

This rolling tackle box though isn’t so ideal if you tend to spend the majority of your time fishing off rocks and end up having to carry it all the time.

What’s Included?

Upon purchase, you will receive the rolling tackle box which measures 15.7 x 9.6 x 18.5 inches. It comes complete with four rod holders and five removable tackle trays.

Overview of Features

This tackle box is made out of durable and waterproof fabric, and with its rugged zippers, will keep your tackle safe and will last you for years to come. We love that it comes with wheels so that you can get it from your car to your favorite fishing spot with ease. It also has a detachable strap so that you can carry it over your shoulder to get across rocks or other uneven surfaces where the wheels can’t do the job.

The large, adjustable compartment found at the top of the box can either be left as one big space or split into up to three sections. Having a variety of different storage options is a great way to help you stay more organized.

The front of the tackle bag houses a zipper compartment which is the perfect size for holding your pliers, knives, and any other tools you need. The front then folds down to reveal five removable tackle trays with 18 compartments in each. Those are included so that this tackle box comes ready to be packed.

You can organize all of your tackle, bait, and tools into the trays and pockets and having everything so organized enables you to find everything you need easily and help you get the most out of the day. You may even have tackle storage trays already which you can integrate into your new tackle management system and then what you just need to do is pack the trays that you’ll be needing that day.

The tough, extendable handle, like those found on rolling suitcases, and the heavy-duty wheels mean that the tackle box can safely transport up to 26.5 pounds of gear, saving you a lot of energy. We also love the fact that this tackle box has four PVC rod holders, so you not only get your rods to your fishing spot easier, but you also have somewhere to store your rods while you wait for the bites to come to you if you’re having a relaxing day of bobber fishing.

How to Get the Best Out of It?

With five removable tackle trays included, you can easily organize all of your favorite tackle and just pack the ones you need for your chosen fishing destination. The rod holders can be used for carrying your rods down to your fishing spot, as well as for holding the rods once they are baited and in the water.


Elkton Outdoors also makes a larger tackle duffel bag which measures 35.5 x 12.5 x 12.5 inches. It is also made of a very durable material with high quality, rigged zippers that will stand the test of time. With secure internal storage for your rods and rigid sides, this bag is perfect if you travel for fishing breaks and need to carry a variety of gear with you.

It has spacious wet and dry storage options but, unfortunately, it doesn’t come with removable tackle boxes and purchasing these separately can add quite a bit of extra cost if you don’t already have your own. With its size though, it does mean that you can also transport other fishing equipment you might need on your trips such as cold weather clothes and waders.


Both of these tackle bags are really well made and thought out. The tackle duffel bag is fantastic if you are going on longer fishing trips and already have tackle boxes that you can take with you, but for the average recreational fisher, we prefer the first rolling tackle bag by Elkton.

Coming with five removable tackle boxes, not only can you can organize your gear really well, but it also saves you money on having to buy these separately which makes this a great value purchase. We love the fact that it has four rod holders on the corners so that you can sit and relax while you have several lines in the water, waiting for action. Lastly, being able to roll this box or carry it makes it super easy to get your tackle to your favorite fishing spot and enjoy your day.