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Fishing rods have come a long way since the split cane rods your grandpa used to use. Today, some serious technological fabrics and designs make for super strong, super powerful rods that can tackle some of the biggest fish like Muskie and Bass.

High-grade carbon fiber has been developed to be the perfect construction material for most hi-end rods, and this technology has trickled down into entry-level products. Carbon fiber ensures a rod is super light while retaining stiffness and flexibility for the perfect, smooth action while catching big fish. Carbon fiber technology has also revolutionized telescopic fishing rods, ensuring that they perform as good as a solid rod with all the size and portability benefits of a compact portable telescopic system.

The beauty of the KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rod is that it is easy to take on your travels, packed into a backpack or trunk of the car, ensuring you’ve always got a quality rod on hand when you’re out in the countryside and the opportunity presents itself. Telescopic rods are an essential tool for any fisherman that enjoys stalking the banks looking for the next catch as rods can be kept rigged at all times and collapsed down while stalking through the bushes.

About KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rod

KastKing is a relatively new company formed by a collective of students while studying at Syracuse University in upstate New York. Spending spare time out in the country and fishing on finger lakes, they decided to start an angling company that would provide affordable innovation for the keen cost-conscious angler.

They are a manufacturer of innovative products that sell directly to the consumers with the claim that by cutting out the middleman they can save at least 30% on the consumer price. As well as using innovation and technology, they also have a love of nature and as such ethically run their company.

The develop products and manufacturing practices that benefit the environment such as biodegradable line spools. The KastKing Blackhawk 2 telescopic fishing rod Is an excellent example of their business ethos. The rod is constructed using 24-ton Toray carbon, which is a high-quality carbon matrix.

This Construction delivers a consistent and smooth performance throughout the rod, reducing dead spots. KastKing also uses an increased number of floating line guides on this rod which again improves casting performance and also ensures a perfect taper and power delivery when playing fish.

KastKing has used high-quality components in constructing this rod with quality, and comfortable EVA handles, reinforced reel seats to ensure reliable connections, and a safe-T hook keeper to fasten the rigs when the rod is collapsed.

KastKing says this rod has “SOLOSCOPIC” performance technology, which essentially means that although it’s made of six sections that fold into each other, it has the performance of a solid one-piece blank. KastKing rods also come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty ensuring their quality commitment is supported.

What’s Included?

The KastKing Black Hawk 2 telescopic fishing rod is available in both spinning and casting versions and 14 different lengths and actions, ranging from fast and moderately fast to high power and medium-high power, ensuring you have the perfect combination of power and length to match your fishing goals.

Product Features

Soloscopic performance

Utilizing high-quality Toray carbon fiber blanks, the performance of this six-piece telescopic rod will match that of a single blank. The rod uses Castflex technology which is a unique way of multi-layering the carbon fiber cloth, giving it superb performance.

Quick Assembly

The six-piece section can easily fold down into itself and extend within seconds, and the use of the safety fishhook connector ensures the rig is kept intact without the need for reassembling every time.

High Quality

KastKing uses quality products not just for the blank but also for the accessories. They feature high-quality line guides, reinforced handles and super comfortable EVA handles making this fantastic value for money.


Available in a wide range of lengths and actions across spinning and casting means you will have the perfect combination no matter whether you’re freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing.

Who is this Rod for?

The Blackhawk 2 is a fantastic rod at an affordable price and will be suitable for a wide range of fishing applications across spinning and baitcasting. There are options available for a wide range of fishing, including bass, muskie, boat fishing, kayak fishing, and pier fishing. Once collapsed, this rod is super portable and can be stored in a car, boat, RV or just put into a backpack to take on your travels.

Alternative Products

Another option worth looking at would be a GLUREE Ultra-Light Portable Super Hard Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod. Using 46-ton carbon fiber, this GLUREE telescopic rod also features six sections and is fitted with ceramic line guides. Available in both spinning and baitcasting versions, these telescopic rods are a great budget option with good performance.

The rod is available in four choices in both casting and spinning with lengths at 6-ft 7-ft 8-ft, and 9-ft, giving a total of eight options. The rod folds down to 56 cm and comes with a plastic safety cover to protect the excellent carbon fiber tips of the rod. It also has a fabric cover for protection when in storage.


The KastKing Black Hawk 2 telescopic rod is fantastic value for money. It uses high-quality materials in its construction, with excellent feel and connection to the fish without any dead spots. It utilizes good quality accessories and line runners ensuring smooth operation and good casting performance.

Available with 14 options available, you can be sure to get the perfect rod for your angling type. KastKing’s mission is to ensure maximum enjoyment while you are out in the wild while enjoying and caring for the environment. They have certainly delivered this with their budget rod.